Tips to Stop Your Engine from Overheating

Written by | Helen Roughley
July 19, 2022

Tips to Stop Your Engine from Overheating

It’s so easy in this heatwave to forget about vehicles and instead be more focused on how we can keep cool.  However, without quick action, this hot weather can cause significant damage to your vehicle and leave you without a ride and a hefty bill.

Below are three key tips to stop your car from overheating and make sure you don’t get into any difficulties.

Check and maintain fluid levels

The easiest way to prevent your vehicle from overheating is to regularly monitor your coolant levels.    Make sure the coolant and water levels are appropriate.    The low coolant level is one of the most common reasons behind the overheating of a vehicle.  This will help you avoid serious problems in the future.

Monitor your car’s temperature

You should always keep a check on the temperature gauge of your car and not allow it to go beyond the normal temperature.

Skip using the AC for long periods

If you’re on a long journey and you feel your engine is going to overheat, the best thing to do is to turn the AC off. Air conditioning systems draw a lot from the engine, causing it to work harder.  One way of avoiding this is to switch on the heater after opening the windows.  This pulls the engine’s heat off the engine and inside the car.  However, on extremely hot days such as we are currently experiencing, this additional option is not the best idea.






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