A little about me….

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May 20, 2021

A little about me….

As Stocalfe Response continues to grow and expand we thought it was about time we showed you not only what great talent we work with but also gave you an insight as to what it’s like to work with us in the words of our employees. In the first of a series of conversations we chat to Jamie Gamble, Head of IT.

So Jamie, tell me a little bit about your role

I started with Stocalfe as a Proclaim (software) Developer with the responsibilities of supporting with IT as and when it was needed but I’ve been quite lucky, my experience in so many areas of IT meant I’ve been able to get involved in everything IT related. I’d been working with Proclaim software since around 2011 as a trainee working my way up at another company. In the space of 6 months here at Stocalfe I was promoted to Head of IT which is testament to how the company values it’s staff and their career progression. 

Basically if it plugs in, it’s my responsibility!

You’re already the head of your department, what’s the next goal?

I’m really happy with where I am now and proud of how quickly I got here. I aspire to be a Director one day, who knows what the future holds but I know i’ll look back and think how far i’ve come. I can see the current generation of employees all progressing up the career ladder to make way for the next wave of talent to come through the door as we grow.

What attracted you to work for Stocalfe in the first place and what keeps you there now?

It was a new company when I started (less than a year old). When you start a job for an older more established company it’s very much “this is how we do things”, whereas with Stocalfe there was the exciting potential to be involved in creating new systems and ways of working not just managing legacy systems. Everything was very much open to interpretation so I was a big part of the decision making process, this means now everything with Procalim and the other systems we use is exactly how we want it. I like the challenge of making the Directors dreams of the system a reality, nobody knows the limitations of the systems so I enjoy finding ways to do what needs to be done.

I switched the servers for the company as we grew and grew to ensure maximum speed and efficiency for all our users, which has definitely future proofed the IT for the company.

Having that level of control and autonomy is really liberating and fun, I always say to our Directors that if you get up every day and look forward to coming into work you must be doing something right! I’m always learning and developing my skills on-the-go at work, whether it be new third party API’s or new features or releases.

Having been here for a while now I can honestly say as a whole we are a unit, everybody enjoys work and it’s a great bunch of dedicated people. Everything works seamlessly and smoothly and the teams work together perfectly, it’s great. I believe that all the staff that are here now will be here in a year or two’s time as we go from strength to strength and grow even more. 

What makes Stocalfe special as a company?

It doesn’t matter how big or small a task or issue is, it matters. Whether it’s a client with a smaller issue such as needing a hire car or accounts needing a massive report. It doesn’t matter what needs doing, the staff are all so committed that everything gets maximum attention and dedication. People aren’t doing things here just because they are being paid to do them. They’re doing them because they genuinely care about the company and our customers. 

From my interview to working here everything met and exceeded my expectations, there’s never been any false promises or it be made out to be something it’s not which is refreshing. It’s very open and transparent and the environment is relaxed, it’s all about getting the job done.

We’ve just moved into new office space over the last few days which has given us much more room and scope for growth, I was here until late sorting everything out and it’s looking amazing.

Finally, back to business, what set’s Stocalfe apart from their competitors in your opinion?

I’m super proud to be part of this team of people who just deliver excellent, first class customer service. As i’ve said already the level of care and dedication they show to each and every customer and issue really sets the bar high. I imagine a lot of people say this about their business and put on their websites how they care about every individual but the fact that it’s true here down to even the finest detail, which to me, is what sets us apart from anyone else in the marketplace. 

You’ve also been involved with some elements of the new website such as the hosting, tell us what’s great about the new site

I really like the new website, it’s very modern, it’s not overbearing (there’s just the right amount of useful information on there). It really sells who we are, what we do, and how to use our services.

*The Stocalfe Response new website was developed by 4Heron Ltd

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